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Estate Planning Is The Best Way To Protect Everything & Everyone You Care About! Our Experienced Estate Planning Lawyers Work With You To Secure Your Legacy.

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An estate plan is a collection of legal documents that determine how your estate – all of your savings, your house and any other properties you own, your possessions, your investments, etc. – will be managed during your lifetime and distributed upon your death. It can…

  • Protect assets from creditor claims, taxes, and income or resource-based aid programs
  • Clarify your wishes for medical care, should you become incapacitated
  • Keep your estate out of California probate court (an expensive, public hassle).
  • Speak to the care of minor children, if applicable 
  • And more!

Without an estate plan, you could leave your family in a difficult situation, without a clear knowledge of what you wanted to happen and potentially without the inheritance you intended to leave them. 

Many people procrastinate estate planning because they are overwhelmed by the prospect of having to imagine a future where they are not around, or they are too busy dealing with the hectic schedules of day-to-day life. They push it to the side, thinking that they’ll have more time later on in life to get their affairs in order, but because no one is promised tomorrow, the best time to make an estate plan is today! The Karpel Law Firm can make estate planning as easy and straightforward as possible for you. 

Our compassionate, knowledgeable California estate planning attorneys will ensure that you, not California state laws, will control how your family’s future unfolds, at least as much as it is up to you! Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Everyone Needs An Estate Plan, But Not Every Estate Plan Should Be The Same! The Karpel Law Firm Customizes Your Most Important Legal Documents For Maximum Effectiveness & Protection.

Some people think that hiring an estate planning attorney will be an extreme or unnecessary expense, so they attempt to save money and time by doing it themselves. However, this can be risky, and usually results in people’s families paying the price later on. Legal information or downloadable templates found online may not be accurate, up-to-date, or compliant with California laws, and almost certainly won’t be personalized to your specific circumstances; when your family needs to use the estate plan, they may find that it isn’t as effective as you intended, or is completely useless. 

One of the most critical aspects of any estate plan is that it stays connected to your family dynamics and financial situation! Because your life is unique, your estate plan should be too. Our attorneys have over 70 years of combined experience, have received numerous awards and recognitions, and have extensive education. We know how to design an estate plan that adheres to state laws and that will match your individual affairs. We can update your plan as your life changes so you can always have peace of mind that your family can rely on it, should anything happen to you!

A will is the most popular estate planning document, but it’s not the only one you need for comprehensive asset protection. The Karpel Law Firm can also create a personalized…

  • Trust (fiduciary arrangement that owns assets outside of your name, providing for their protection and eventual administration)
  • Living will (also known as advance directives, this explicitly explains your wishes for medical care in the event you are not able to make decisions for yourself)
  • Powers of attorney (this designates a person you trust to make final decisions about your finances and medical care for you in the event that you are not able to make decisions for yourself) 

Making an estate plan can be complicated, which is why you should let a reputable law firm guide you through the process. Call today to schedule a free consultation, discover your options, and learn what the Karpel Law Firm can do to serve you!

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