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No one knows what tomorrow holds, and that’s why you have to be prepared, no matter what. It’s never too early to get your affairs in order and have peace of mind for the future. At Karpel Law Firm, our skilled Calabasas estate planning lawyers take the time to explain your options and empower you with information, rather than just tell you what you should do.

We get to know you, your family, and your financial situation, so each strategy we utilize is as customized to your unique needs and goals as possible! We strive to ensure that your experience is a positive one. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about how we can serve you!

Calabasas Estate Planning Lawyers

Who Needs An Estate Plan?

Estate planning is not just for the elderly or the wealthy – it’s for everyone who wants to protect the life they’ve worked hard for. It’s a way to secure your assets and ensure your personal wishes are handled as you want, both during your life and after your passing.

It’s more than writing a will; it’s a comprehensive approach to managing your estate, minimizing taxes, and ensuring a smooth transition for your loved ones. Without proper planning, your estate could face a lengthy and costly probate process, and the court might decide how your assets are distributed.

Additionally, estate planning provides clarity for your family, reduces potential conflicts among heirs, and protects minor children by designating guardians. Ultimately, it gives you control, protects your loved ones from stress and expense, and offers peace of mind.

Planning with our experienced Calabasas estate planning lawyers now gives you assurance that your affairs are, and will continue to be, well-managed.

What Is Included In An Estate Plan?

  • A will – the traditional document in which you list your assets, as well as your heirs
  • A trust (or combination of several trusts) – a financial entity to which you transfer your assets to be managed for the benefit of your heirs
  • Power of attorney – a document authorizing an individual you trust inherently (usually a close relative) to make legal, financial, and/or healthcare decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated
  • Advance directives – documents in which you outline your preferences for medical care, to be referenced by medical professionals in the event you become incapacitated
  • Guardianship designations – a document allowing you to name the individual(s) who should care for your children in the event you pass away or become incapacitated
  • And more!

Can I Create An Estate Plan On My Own?

You may be tempted to bypass working with an attorney and instead opt for using a “DIY” package or kit. While these resources appeal to many because of their convenience and cheap cost, they tend to cause more harm than good. Each state has their own laws and guidelines regarding estate plans, and these DIY packages typically do not take this into account.

Without the guidance of a seasoned attorney, you may unknowingly fall out of compliance, meaning a judge could invalidate your estate plan after you have passed. Essentially, this means you never had an estate plan, which will undoubtedly lead to chaos for your family.

They will be the ones that have to settle your estate, which will likely take months (if not longer than a year), in the midst of their mourning your loss. The most effective way to safeguard your family from complicated legal challenges is to have our Calabasas estate planning lawyers help you navigate the process and give you the strongest protection possible!

Why Work With Calabasas Estate Planning Lawyers?

We’ve been serving California families for decades and have dedicated ourselves to constantly improving the service we provide to clients. If you’ve been putting off the estate planning process, today is the day to take action and ensure you’re protected, no matter what the future holds. Call today to book your free consultation and learn more about how our knowledgeable Calabasas estate planning lawyers can help you prepare for the days ahead.

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